One of the most brilliant men in the history of humankind. Albert Einstein whose discovery of the General Theory of Relativity and the conversion of matter into energy, gave us a new understanding of the world and the working of the universe.

The artwork exists out of almost 50 layers of paint. The large mustache is almost elevated from the canvas due to an optical illusion.

For this new series, I’ve taken two strong elements of the earlier series. From 2015 until 2017 my artworks primarily had colorful background layers but the top layers were black, grey, and white. From 2018 until 2020 I opted for softer pastel backgrounds and more expressive and realistically colored portraits. For this series, I’ve combined colorful backgrounds with realistically colored portraits. The best of both worlds.

120 x 150 x 4,5 cm (59 x 47 x 1,6 inch)
4 liters Acrylic, Canvas, Wood frame